Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why Use Quicken

The minimum recommended version of Quicken I would suggest to anyone who is seeking to control their financial situation is Quicken Deluxe. The problem most people would have with that advice is that Quicken Deluxe cost 60 dollars to purchase.

You can find it cheaper on Amazon but the problem is the same. Quicken is expensive. Why spend 60 when you can get the same thing using Mint.com?

I've used Mint before. It is a great program that helps anyone,  regardless of financial ability,  to start tracking their personal finances. Mint is a program that helps track money. Quicken manages your cash.  Quicken is the big leagues.  The reports you can generate,  the different types of accounts you can track,  even the unique way to track gold and airline miles in Quicken.

I like Mint.  I think every 16 year old should sign up for a free account to start forming the habit of budgets and spending patterns. But after one gets a full time job,  or has multiple accounts from loans to investments,  Quicken should be used.  The ability for Quicken to track important tax info has paid for the program this tax season.

Quicken,  when used regularly and when you read how to use its features, is a powerful tool for the management of money. Quicken gives you the greatest tool in personal finance. Knowledge.