Saturday, October 12, 2013

Week Plan Review

Weekplan is awesome. As many of you know, there are hundreds of different time-management programs and apps out there. With so many choices its easy to get lost or waste time on apps that are sub-par. While each person will eventually find a program that is right for them, I can safely say I found mine.

What makes WeekPlan different? It is the philosophy behind the app. It combines the thoroughness of David Allen's GTD system with Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. WeekPlan focuses on making you a better person while making sure you keep up with your work flow. 

The layout is clean and minimal

Each day is a to-do list. Moving and editing is a breeze. On the right hand side is the roles you play in life (which comes from Steven Covey's book). Each one of these roles can have goals created under them.

With the paid features you can export your list, sync with Google tasks, and set reoccurring events. 

The cost is 19$ per month or 72$ for six months or 84$ for the year. But please note, that many of the features are free and require no payment. I paid for the year version because I believe this system helps me balance my work, business, spiritual, and family roles so well. The least I can do is pay them for such a awesome app!

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