Saturday, May 10, 2014

Three Rules to Change Your Life

Changing at all.

As my previous blog post mentioned, I've often been plagued with having multiple projects to do and no time to do them. To compound the issue further, I tend to have more dreams and no means to accomplish them. As I get older I realize the time for grand overreaching dreams, while still useful to believe, need to give way to more realistic ambitions and goals.

For many years I've been struggling to improve myself. My ultimate goal is to achieve mastery over myself. The goal is to be no longer be dictated or determined by whims but by conscious action. It's hard to imagine, for myself, such a lofty goal. But I do believe it's there.

So I created 3 criteria to help me choose the correct habits and goals that will hopefully align my life.

  1. Whatever habit or goal I choose, it must be easy to follow. This means a clear, concise and consistent routine. Something I can do daily that will become habit.
  2. Whatever habit or goal I choose, it must be simple to maintain and to understand. Goals can have multiple levels of complexity and so can projects, but ultimately they must be a simple progression from point A to point B.
  3. Finally, the habit or goal must be minimalistic. This represents the idea that any habit or goal cannot add more complexity to my life without allowing me to be creative. Learning to program is inherently a complex undertaking, but it takes creative thinking to manipulate the code into a workable program. Mathematics is inherently a complex subject, but he takes creative thinking see the underlying patterns beneath the surface.
Ultimately these 3 criteria well me determine what is best for my life. Tonight, while I should be in bed resting, I am drafting up a blueprint that will ultimately decide my fate. Alzheimer's runs in my family along with certain forms of cancer. I have pre-hypertension in my pulse hasn't been below 70 in a couple weeks. I'll be the father of the 2nd child within a month and a half. I have many dreams and ambitions I wish to complete, but it will never be able to reach even if I cannot master myself.