Friday, May 9, 2014

Timeful: Time Management for the Stressed

Like many people I struggle with too much to do and too little time. Each day is an epic battle between my dreams and what others require or ask me to do. I am swamped and at times feel like drowning in the depths of all the chaos that dwells behind every corner and lurks behind every email or phone call. 

"Can you do this? Can you take care of that? You need to do this. This is required ASAP!"

Haven't we heard all of this from either family, friends or employers? Each day is a fight. A stress fueled day of endless chaos and struggling to get a head. 

Like many others, I tried to find salvation in my gadgets and gizmos. Omnifocus, Zippy, Reminders, Remember the Milk, GTD, Evernote, Pen and Paper list, I can continue forever with the tweaks and hacks I've tried. Yet. Nothing has worked so far. 

No system, no gimmick, no hack, no rules, nothing. The wireless network went out, which sends me rushing to patch the issue while it destroys my Pomodoro. My son has a cold and I need to monitor his temperature, which knocks out my plan.  I got sick with the same cold, now my daily habits are all gone. I know sleep 8 1/2 hours day which kills my early morning routine.

Just like everyone else, we set out with good dreams and intentions. Yet, life always has something different.

So I decided to try a new app. Timeful. It combines iOS 7 reminders and calendar together. It offers an unique feature which the app will recommend task to do that you haven't scheduled. Its focus isn't on time management but brain management to quote David Kadavy.

I just got accepted into their Beta and I am trying to see how it fits in my life.

From the start, this isn't a project management tool, but could be used with Evernote to coordinate projects. It isn't a cheap gimmick to do list, because it allow scheduling and keeping on top of your events, meetings, and to dos. 

I am looking forward to using this tool more extensively in the next few weeks and will report back the observations.